Nobel Sport Italia (NSI) is among the world leaders in the production and distribution of shotgun ammunition and shot shell loading components. A subsidiary of the Sofisport Group, Nobel Sport Italia is avertically-integrated manufacturer of all of our components, allowing for full control over our R&D, quality control, product development and customer support. NSI crafts approximately 120 million shot shells annually which are sold worldwide and distributes approximately 300 tons of powders each year.

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game loads

Nobel Sport is proud to offer a broad array of capable hunting loads developed specifically for North American upland game and wing shooting. Whether you’re flushing pheasant in the Dakotas, busting brush for Canadian grouse or walking with friends in a southern field chasing dove and quail, you can bet we have the right cartridge for your gun and hunting style.

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target loads

No matter the game you play, whether American or Olympic trap and skeet, sporting Clays, Handicap, 5-Stand, Pigeon and even Helice, we have developed a dedicated load for you. Nobel Sport has a deep investment in advanced cartridge development and we invite you to explore our range.

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buckshot & slugs

Whether on the hunt, at a 3-gun competition, or even a defensive situation, Nobel Sport offers a selection of advanced high-performance Slug and Buckshot loads to give you the advantage. Due to their high kinetic energy transfer and payload weight, our buckshot and slugs offer unrivaled knockdown power and confidence. This makes them a superb choice for larger game such as whitetail and even wild boar. The consistent pattern of our Buckshot loads mean maximum mass on target translating into ultimate stopping power. For Law Enforcement and home defense roles you can be confident that our consistent patterns mean less risk to bystanders and property. Slugs tend to have a reputation for poor accuracy and inconsistent performance in various shotguns. Nobel Sport Slugs benefit from a high standard of quality control ensuring phenomenal consistency and predictable performance whether fired from a traditional autoloader, pump action and even magazine-fed and multi-tube platforms common in the tactical and competition arenas. Nobel Sport Buckshot and Slug loads are offered in multiple gauges and payloads suitable for any situation and environmental conditions.

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small gauges

Sub-gauge shooting represents one of the greatest challenges in shotgun sports. Lighter payloads mean smaller and less-forgiving patterns. If you shoot sub-gauge then you know that you can’t leave anything to chance, particularly your ammo. Whether you prefer 28-Gauge or .410 bore, Nobel Sport rises to the challenge with a range of small gauge shotshells developed for both small game as well as clay target competition.

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steel waterfowl & target

A complete range of clay shooting shotshells loaded with steel shot, available in various categories and loads to grant the shooters the right product for any situation and need.