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who we are

Nobel Sport Italia (NSI) is among the world leaders in the production and distribution of shotgun ammunition and shot shell loading components. A subsidiary of the Sofisport Group, Nobel Sport Italia is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of all of our components, allowing for full control over our R&D, quality control, product development and customer support. NSI crafts approximately 120 million shot shells annually which are sold worldwide and distributes approximately 300 tons of powders each year.

Nobel Sport Italia is born of the heritage of the Italian artisan company, Maionchi, remembered to this day as synonymous with excellence and deep tradition. Acquired by the Sofisport Group in 1993, we remain firmly rooted to our origins to such an extent that this noble heritage is an inseparable part of our DNA and reflects in all that we do.

Humility: we listen to our people and our customers, and we challenge our ideas every day.
Ambition: we won’t accept second best and we strive for excellence above all.
Team work: we believe that our power derives from our people and our excellence comes from our diversity of thought and the sharing of ideas.
Each day, we bring our very best efforts forward to offer hunting and sport-shooting enthusiasts lasting memories based in sportsmanship and trust. We achieve this in leading by example to enhance your experiences with high performance products that inspire confidence at every level whether in the field or at the range.